Saturday, November 14, 2009


today with gangs went to jj there
sing k
watch movie[2012]
just want to tell that 2012 really a nice movie.

intoduce the main character first,
he is John Cusack[Jackson].
a little bit look like黄秋生.
he is so brave inside the movie.

next,is a cute little girl.
name morgan lily[lily].

handsome guy in the movie.just a small character.
name Johann Urb[sasha].

Saturday, September 19, 2009

g- force

在我们友族同胞的raya 假期前,
其实就已经计划好要去jj wet 了。
但是因种种原因~ 被匆忙取消了 [心很痛]
今天补 * 高级数学* [ 真的很高级]
就一直想。。 一直讲。。
就说好 半个小时后在巴士站集合~
我们去 jj!!!
很突然: 第一次可以将在十分钟内作决定。 去 wet
而且还是下午12点半去 >.<''

很神经的 cartoon 戏。。 好笑到~~~~
做我们后面的印度人很 sp。。。 戏还没开场就笑到很够力了~!!
popcorn 很好吃是真的啦~!
戏很好看也是真的: G-FORCE

很可爱的 老鼠~ ^^

kim gary 很好吃。 吃到很饱。
shopping 但没买到东西。 虽有目标。
他们 raya , 搞到巴士很挤。 味道很芬芳。
但有人上巴士真的很厉害~ 再此五体投地。
现在心情很好~ 就是很 爱睡~!
jj 很多人都去过啦~~~ [采你都傻]

我们的偶像: hyun joong贤重。
[也许是 ah jas 的 bf, 随便啦 ==]
欢迎他健康归来, h1n1 痊愈

Sunday, August 16, 2009

happy birthday to fish

so long time din come here write blog ...
today at here i wanna wish fish that
HaPpy bIrtHdaY!(20/8)
sweet 16
i know that now is earlier but u should know that i having my exam now...

Thursday, August 13, 2009


reali hv to be aware...
pls protect urself...
take care of urself..
if sick le, muz go for doctor...
h1n1 is reali serious nw... h1n1 is reali scary~
it can cause death~!!!!
everyone started to wear d mask~
double tang oso~

**we are leng lui !!!! ^^

Saturday, July 11, 2009

notice board =D

tis post dun knw wanna put wat title..
i knw..
long time din update tis blog~
sori ya, guys~
i will try to care tis blog well...^^

last friday,
go bek home onli at 2pm++
is late u knw??
no more time 2 sleep==''
stay bek in skul 4 wat??
actuali wanna help pbc clean up d old canteen
n luk after the chess competition..
bt, miss six wan us help her 2 decorate d notice board~
double tang had 2 do it lor~
actuali the most thing is did by ah jas lar..**
she go n bought all the materials n prepared d drawing..
i juz help her paste n cut n arrange d picture@@
so we two stand in front the notice board 4 abt one n a half hours.
leg very tired...heart very sienzz...
we start our work during BM lesson..
coz we curi curi colour 2 butterfly with juz six colour pencils
while cikgu zainuddin is teaching komsas..[luckily he din noticed ><'' ] wx , yc n hb oso gt help sum lar.. thx ya...
bt they will suddenly help n suddenly dissapear oso..=.-
finalli we half complete it...
let u see d pic.. =]
half completed~^^ the theme is garden i think^^
down the at d wall gt write
'' sumbangan ikhlas daripada persatuan sejarah''.. tat's not us^^

hehe^^ very leng =D i lik it!! the bee is drew by 0X1..
n d butterfly is by *DOUBLE TANG*...
[we curi curi colour it during BM..exciting.. sori o..cikgu zainuddin>''<]
n d flower by ah jas..

another view^^ =D they say we had use up too much
space... whr should miss six paste her notice??

keep on seeing tat word..'' sumbangan''...@@

if u think is not nice enuf..
sori..pls dun balme us..
our time is short..
n we are tired..**

double tang n others frens is going 2 meet henry..
leng zai lor... bt my time had mess bcoz of him..@@

Monday, June 22, 2009

hello guys

hello,double tang' fans...
i am jas-H..
ord forget me?
i cum back here 2 say hi 2 everyone...
miss me?
hehe,so i upload 1 pic at here
cuz i can't put so many personal photo at here...
at last,
pls remember always support tis blog n my own blog
thx,take care ya!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


suddenly find tis thing...
full of memories....^^

today finally giv out d present,
although i dunno she lik o nt...
bt nw feel free le...hehe~

if u got watch 8tv d ultimate power group..
u muz hav notice friendz...
n u should also noticed ASH..[leng zai]

can go his fs see his photo..

tat day after acc tt,
we go uncle yam limteh lo..
then wat we oso talk lo...
then i say muz watch ultimate power group..
coz i lik tat group..
then ah jas say she oso lik the group d..
which group??
friendz lar!! the group which ash belong to..
then we say got one hor...
very leng zai, very good in singing de lor... nid ask le...
is ASH!!! we both lik ash!!!!
tat day i very over excited...
dunno is because i think of ash
or because got ppl agree v me oso lik ash
or because double tang both lik him...
[train n mickelle oso...^^]